Norfolk Show 2019 Stand

Award Winning Norfolk Show 2019

Members of the Norfolk and Norwich Rover Owners Club were invited to join the Norwich Classic Vehicle Club to provide a display stand at the Royal Norfolk Show on the 26th/27th June.



The Royal Norfolk Show has been a tradition for many years. It celebrates a blend of Agriculture, Horticulture, all aspects of our County’s diverse countryside community and also it’s many industries since 1954.  The Show includes everything from the traditional Livestock/Animal Judging, Equine Competitions, Farming Machinery to Gardening Tools, Science and Technology Research, Local Food and Wine Producers, Displays of Sheep Shearing to Gun Dog Training, Wildlife Preservation to Animal Rescue, Arts and Craft Producers the list is endless.


This Year it also included 17 cars on our Award Winning Stand of Classic Cars, showing the range of British Motoring from 1935 – 2000.

NNROC                                               NCVC

P2 Rover 10                                        Humber 1650

P4 Rover 100                                      Sunbeam 90 Mk3

Rover P5B                                           Mini Clubman Estate

Rover P6 2000                                    Vauxhall Viva SL

Rover SD1                                           Ford Capri 3Lt Mk2 Ghia

Rover 213 S                                        Lotus Cortina

Rover 75                                             Triumph Herald 1200

Rover 825 Sterling V6 Coupe          Saab 99 EMS

Vauxhall Astra Mk2

Vic Built Timmy Trike 2000 (made from an MR2 Base )






Our Stand attracted significant interest from the public who attended the show, many of which stopped to share family memories of cars they remember from their younger days, or ask questions about cars on our display.

The Royal Norfolk Show Association Judges who witnessed the public’s interest in our stand awarded our team The Tibbenham Challenge Trophy, which is ‘Presented to the stand of any classification showing the Greatest Initiative and Originality’ and was presented by Lord Chumley.


To say that our we were happy was an understatement. It was the Cherry on the Top of a very unique experience for both our clubs and a well deserved award for our stand’s organiser Gary Reeves from the Norwich Classic Vehicle Club.


NCVC Strumpshaw Rally

An absolutely lovely day out, weather sunny with a breeze and so many cars to see, 506 to be exact ! There were makes and models, ages and types of every description you could think of. With stalls and autojumble near the Steam Museum, it took us all time to wonder round to take it all in.



10 Club members came to park up together as a group for the club with flags flying ! We had 1 3lt P5, 2 P5 Coupes, 1 P6, a 213 Cabriolet, 1 P2, an MG ZT 260 V8 (Rover 75 shape), 1 SD1, an 825 Sterling V6 and my MG !! Thanks to all of you who came to share the day.

Winners on the day, an immaculate Lotus Cortina and a Morris Minor, which had been restored and modernised very nicely………. AND Surprise of the day……..Glen won Car of the Show with Old Blu our P2 !! We honestly could not believe it, out of all the American cars, hot rods, kit cars, modern/cherished classics, camper vans, even several Rolls Royce’s…….The Judges picked our Rover ……..How about that folks !!


Marie-Anne Read

Avenue of P4 2019 Bressingham

Bressingham Rally 2019



Our Annual Club Rally at Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens was held on the 26th May 2019. The weather, as always on a Bank Holiday was, 50/50 and our rally site went from freshly mown green grass to a sea of shimmering paintwork and glimmering chrome in less than 2 hours. As the last entrants arrived, the sunshine did not disappoint. The rally attracted lots of visitors and by lunchtime, the steam trains were whistling and the show was in full swing.

With an extraordinary new record  set this year for the club, 116 entrants were booked in. Having had to take the step of closing entries a week early due to the fact that we had reached our maximum number and the restriction of space to park everyone on the day, a fabulous total of 102 cars arrived to take their places. Judging is done by the entrants who take part and it is always hard, but as the standards get better and better every year, it was difficult for people to pick winners.


Our special display this year was an ‘Avenue of Rovers’ to mark the 70th Anniversary of our ‘beloved Auntie Rover’ the famous P4. Sadly we could not get a ‘Cyclops’ (not for the want of trying) to put a cherry on top, but 32 P4’s lined up to form a lovely display.

A light rain shower appeared, just as the raffle was drawn, but not to be put off we continued to present the trophies to our show winners.

Trophies this year wer kindly sponsored and presented by Mark and Angie Gray from MGBD Parts and Services, who also picked our Car of the Show, a dazzling red 1989 1.3 Clubman Metro, owned by T.Morley. In my opinion the car absolutely stood out from the crowd and in its immaculate condition, was such a well-deserved winner, much to the shock of its owner, who in his words ‘ I can’t believe that’.


Our Best Club Car was picked by our long-standing Club Friend Tom Norman, being a Veteran Rover man himself, he picked out his winner as a 1961 Rover 100 P4 owned by T.Reynolds, who is one of our Club Founders.

On a personal note, as this was my very first ‘Chairman in Charge’ Rally for the Norfolk and Norwich Rover owners Club, it was an absolute joy to have been part of organising a Rally with such a wonderful team of people. I would like to thank everyone at Bressingham Museum, ALL  – who helped behind the scenes (my Fabulous hard working Committee) and (our Marshall’s and Gazebo Team). To everyone who shook my hand and congratulated My Team for a successful day. Also Special Thanks to Jason Moore Classic Cars LTD who sponsored our Rally Plaques and Hagerty Insurance for their continued support.

Bressingham 2020 is already in the planning stages……ALL details will be on our New Club Website in the New Year………

    Marie-Anne Read – Chairman

Trophies are as follows……..

Winner List 19


p4 national rally 2019 a

P4 Drivers Guild National Rally 2019


70 Years of the P4

We have owned our trusty P4 for 14 years now, and have been a member of the P4 Drivers Guild for almost as long, but had not been to one of their ‘National’ rallies for a while. With this year’s event celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the P4 & being held at Burghley House, in nearby Lincolnshire, we just had to go along for the day. A bonus for us was that our route to the show took us through the very attractive Northamptonshire villages of Glinton, Barnack, etc. all built of the local stone and second only to those found in the Cotswolds.

Burghley House is a grand 16th century mansion, on the edge of Stamford, built by the Cecil Family between 1555 & 1587, and still owned by the family today.  It is perhaps best known for the Burghley Horse Trials held there  each year in the extensive parkland that surrounds the house, but we were fortunate in being on the lawn, directly in front of the house.  As well as being an impressive backdrop this also gave us easy access to the gardens, facilities and the house itself, which many of us explored.

The weather could not have been better and I’m sure this helped, with a remarkable turnout of 150 P4’s for the event. There were also 20 other models at the show making a grand total of 170 Rovers sparkling in the sunshine. What better sight could you have.

Ten Norfolk Club members made their way to the event and it was great to see Graham Teeson picking up the Derrick Humphries Memorial Trophy for his P4, for what Stan Johnstone, Guild Chairman, called the best Car of the Show. Nigel Randall picked up the award for Best Engine Bay for his P4 and Peter Cane deservedly picked up the award for the Best SD1, which meant our Club did very well indeed.

As we all know, there were a number of variants of the P4 over it’s 15 year production life with the first back in 1949, being the now rare Cyclops. We were therefore surprised and delighted  to see 6 of these at the show, with condition varying from ‘original’ to Concourse. As always the most popular cars were the 100 &110 but there were examples of all the models at the show, including Stephen Parker’s PickUp Conversion and the one after market Diesel Model. What better tribute could you have to Gordon Bashford, the car’s designer at Rover, and Jack Swain the designer of the revolutionary Inlet Over Exhaust 6-cylinder engine that went on to power the 3Ltr P5.

To mark the occasion, the guild followed our lead from our 40th anniversary celebrations at Bressingham with a splendid cake, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. It was a Great Day Out.

Russell James VP



Drive It Day 28th April 2019

This years joint Drive It Day run with the Norwich Classic Vehicle Club started under cloudy skies and then heavy rain.

However, this did not deter several hardy members taking out their pride and joys for the day.

A very scenic road run, starting from Norwich, had been planned with a coffee stop at the 100th Bomb Museum, near Diss and then on to the finish at Banham Zoo via Bressingham Gardens.

However, best laid plans and all that, things did not go well within the first few miles, with a road closure, meaning a slight detour had to be hastily found. For navigators who knew the area this was not difficult and they were all soon back on the route. Well done everyone.

The 100th Bomb Group Museum located in the former control tower houses many documents and photographs dedicated to the american soldiers of the US 8th Air Force. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

After light refreshments many headed to Bressingham Gardens for lunch and others to Banham Zoo where we were allowed to park on the grass area near the entrance. The weather had improved by then and everyone enjoyed a walk around the Zoo in the sunshine, watching the sea lions and then the tigers being feed.

All together a very enjoyable and interesting day.




Club stand at the NEC Restoration Show March 2019.

CLUB NEC TRIP 22nd – 24th March 2019

On the 21st March, a team of 12 Enthusiastic Club Members set out to journey to the NEC in Birmingham to display 5 ‘Rare and Unusual Rovers’ for the Club at the Practical Classic Restoration Show with Discovery 2019.

This is now the club’s 4th invite to display at the show.  Our largest stand yet, at 10.5m x 11m was to display the stunning cars generously volunteered to fill the space. The display included ….. a 1957 Rover 90 P4 Utility Vehicle, 1964 Rover 3lt P5 Hearse, 1967 Rover P6 Open Top, 1978 Rover 2200TC P6 under full restoration and a 1996 Rover 825 Limited Edition Sterling V6 Coupe.

The team arranged the vehicles, our new club notice boards crammed with information, a table with club advertising leaflets, along with our club flags and banners and prepared for a busy 3 days.

The public interest did not disappoint, with some of the 28,800 visitors stopping to admire all the cars on our stand, ask questions and get more information about our Rare Rovers. Being only one of 170 National Car Clubs present at the show.  In the true Restoration Show spirit, 3 of our members took time to complete some light maintenance tasks while at the show.

The P4 owner is currently restoring the interior and removed his passenger seat to apply several coats of leather balm to make the seat supple and prevent the leather cracking.  Our P5 Hearse owner has brought a box of items to fit to his car, and over the 3 days raised the hearse up onto axle stands and fitted 2 front brake calliper’s and shock absorbers to the car. Our 1978 P6 owner raised his car onto axle stands to fully refurbish the hub and brakes, on dismantling the brakes, he realised that he needed some new parts, so with over 350 exhibitors at the show he went shopping, although he came back with the bits he wanted, he also came back with other items that he hadn’t realised he needed!

Our stand had visits from some lovely people, some kindly signed our visitors book, along with several Club members too, who braved the long journey to the NEC to support the Club. We provided a Members Enclosure with seating and enjoyed a chat.

The Committee would like to Thank the Team and the Rare Rover Owners who displayed their Cars. Plans are in motion for 2020, so if you are a member and you are interested, Please contact us.






Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control at Caistor Hall.

Our next 2 meetings –

Tuesday April 30th and Tuesday 21st May – will be held again at

Mangreen Country House, Mangreen, Swardeston, Norwich, NR14 8DD from 8pm.

Mangreen have offered us The Sanctuary Room for the next meetings (for a cheaper rate !), which is located next to the CarPark, opposite the Main House.

Please Join us, All Members welcome for Tea/Coffee and Biscuits. Hope to see you there.





2018 Update


A truly amazing story unfolds when you are taken around the vast underground bunker at Neatishead Radar Museum where we went on 13th October. Other than the radar consoles almost everything is still there as it was in service up to the close in 2003; you almost go into a time warp. The consoles can be seen in the above ground Airspace Monitoring and Control Room in the onsite museum. This is an all important part of military history that kept us safe during the various crises of the cold war period (some of which we knew about and many we apparently didn’t), and to a lesser extent today.