Drive it Day 24th April 2022


It was good to get out and about again in our cars to join our friends from the Norwich Classic Vehicle Club on a joint run to East Anglia Transport Museum, Carlton Colville near Lowestoft.

We met at Tesco’s car park at Harford Bridge, Norwich and it was great to also see the local 2 CV Club meeting up for their drive out, it certainly made a change to the usual cars in the car park.

It was a very pleasant 25-mile drive to the Museum, where we had been given special permission to park our cars inside amongst the exhibits. Once everyone had arrived, we had a joint total of 20 cars on display.

It was a gloriously sunny day, although a bit windy, but we managed to find shelter and enjoy our picnics in the sunshine.

The afternoon was spent wandering around the exhibits including a recreated Post Office, Taxi Garage and Car Showroom. There were plenty of buses, cars, lorries, vans, bicycles, steam rollers and much more to admire.

After enjoying several trips on the trams, trolleybuses and the train we made our way home.

All in all, a delightful day.

xmas 21 a


Dear Members

Just a short note from me, wishing you all a very Safe Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year in 2022.

We hope things are better next Year, but should things get difficult to meet up again, we will keep in touch with all of you as we did last year. If we are all safe and are able to, our first Club Meeting at Mangreen should be March 2022.

Sincere Wishes

Marie-Anne Read NNROC Chairman

xmas 21

Tinsel Talk From Your Chairman !!

Well, Dear Members…. Sun 12th Dec………..

It is finally the end of 2021 and although many will think that it’s a good job ?!! , I have at this time,  a sincere need to Wish all of the members of the Norfolk and Norwich Rover Owners Club a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe Covid free, Peaceful New Year in 2022…….. Stay Safe Guys xxx

My grateful thanks as always go to my Committee, who have again kept my sanity in check this year and always keeping me in the loop………. Janet & Pete, I couldn’t do what I do without you guys xx……..

To Paul our Newsletter Editor, Top Job ‘Keeping the Rover Name Alive’ , newsletter has room to grow and it could be we can go to 4  editions next year…… don’t give up on it yet,… Please xx

To Grant, Adrian, and Dave Thanks for your work behind the scenes and your advise, it is always welcome, relevant and so helpful………Special thanks also to Club Vice President Terry who’s support is a virtual hug on a dark day xxx

Today was our Club Christmas Meal, Bless you all who took the time to attend, most who attended where the Backbone of the Club………… What a great afternoon to spend in absolute superb company……….Thanks Guys and Gals………. The Meal was great, service fabulously friendly and a great way to end another topsy turvey year.

So,  At the moment the plan is to meet at Mangreen in March 2022……..Dear Members, IF,… the worst should happen and the Omicron Covid Varient gets a gather on, As a Club Chairman I shall be going back to Monthly Bulletins to replace Monthly Club Meetings……..It would  be lovely to get Q n A’s from members, just so I’m not talking to myself for the next few months………..

Until We Can meet again dear friends, Don’t know where, Don’t know when, But I Know we meet again some Sunny Day xxxxxx (God Bless Vera Lynne !!!!! )

With uncertain times coming, Please keep an eye on our club website. our members only section and our facebook page for relevant information from me and the Club.

*** A reminder from Janet and Pete Cane****


contact us for payment details and any other queries via email  ………….   nandnroc@gmail.com

Bless you all and Please Stay Safe

Marie-Anne Read  – Chairman NNROC