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It’s one of those things that no matter how hard you work at something………the weather always rules the day in the end.

5 intrepid Rover Club Members set out at the crack of dawn to defy the odds and set up our Charity Rally Site on Sandringham’s Vista.  Assembling gazebo’s in the damp conditions, then taking shelter, to await the arrival of our 49 entrants.  Sadly only 13 were brave enough to make the journey.  We sat and marvelled at the the colours in the sky at 11.30am, as the clouds parted and the sun finally came out !

Visitors at Sandringham included several dog walkers and also we had a few visitors from the 2 coach loads of people who came to visit Sandringham House, Museum and gardens.

Our Selection of brave entrants included…….

1 1970 Cadillac, 1 P4, 1 P5 3ltr, 3 P6 1 SD1, 4 75 Moderns, 1 Mercedes and 1 MG ZT.

The best news, despite the weather, the Norfolk and Norwich Rover Owners Club was able to present a cheque for £650 to our chosen Charity of St Martins Housing Trust on the day. The cheque was accepted by St Martins CEO Jan Sheldon.

The Prizes were sponsored by Glen and Marie-Anne Read and the well deserved winners were …….

Modern Classic

1st   –  Peter Cane with 1984 SD1

2nd  –  Michael Cushion with 2000 75 Modern

Cherished Classic

1st  –   Mick Ruston with 1973 P6

2nd  – Mark Watson with 1968 P6

Due to Adrian Tytherleigh being the only entrant to turn up in the Vintage Classic, he was presented with a 1st Prize.

This year our top award was our Wish List Car. Entrants were asked to vote for the car they would most like to take home, if they could In the end it was a draw and CEO of St Martins was asked to choose between the 2 cars with the most votes…….

The Winners were

1st   –  Mervyn Hardingham with 1962 P5 3ltr

2nd  – Michael Cushion with 2000 75 Modern

Huge thank you to everyone who donated money and to all who came on the day.