Stonham Barns

Stonham Barns – Sunday 18th August 2019

A cloudy day met all of us this morning as we all set out along the A140 to Stonham Barns…….no one had warned us about the queues of traffic !!…… but we waited and waited, until the staff ushered us into the event a few at a time.

Glad to get our cars driving again!  we found our pitch for the Norfolk and Norwich Rover Owners Club over on the far side of the field and parked up……. but due to a strict booking policy, our patch had only enough room for 10 cars…… full to the brim, 2 of our other members (late arrivals due to traffic) sadly had to take their parking space among the other 1,000 cars that were descending on the event.



The day was drafty, but sunny and with so many cars to view, (some extremely stunning classics among the vast number of entrants).  All our members took turns and went off to investigate the vehicles that had joined the rally.

I can personally say, I have never seen such a diverse mixture of classics ever and would have loved more time to look around……..but then the rain came, a sharp heavy shower, that left us all sitting in our cars, steaming the windows up !!!….then the sun came out again !!!! Time for the microfiber cloths !!!!

I would highly recommend this event for the club next year….

Thanks to Janet (our Club Secretary) a table was booked at The Four Horseshoes, Thornham, which was only a few miles up the road. Trying to avoid the queues of traffic, we took the scenic route and along the road we met a Vintage bus coming the other way !!!!!

(how often does that happen….errm NEVER!!!) Onward we went to the Pub…..

A truly delightful meal awaited us all, lots of conversation and giggles too……..

Apologies to the people who left early……. but…..the patrons of the Horseshoes sat outside waiting for us all to leave in convoy…….

VA Va Voom……….

Marie-Anne Read – Chairman

Paparazzi – Janet Cane !!