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The 41st Bressingham Rally - 27th May 2018
 When I look back we have had a few very wet days in the 41 years we have been organising our Bressingham rally but we have generally been lucky with the weather and this does make all the difference.  This year was warm and dry but not too hot, which is just perfect for brining out the classics and we had over 100 parked up in the rally field by the time we closed the gate at lunchtime.

With our aim of keeping the famous Rover name alive we try to have as wide a range of models as possible at our show and this year was no exception.  We had everything from 1930s P2s to a 2005, 75 representing the last year of Rover production.  The later models were particularly well represented again with an 800 Coupe, a 216 Cabrolet and a number of other interesting models making a total of 14.  We were also pleased to see more SD1s at the show, 11 in all, with red Vitesses seeming to be the favourites.  It is always good to see these later models, not least because they tend to be owned by younger drivers who will be the people to carry our club forward in the future.  However I must mention one particular car, a Rover V8 powered P4 put together by Jason More of J Moor Classic Cars, one of our sponsors.  I know this is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but the engine was a perfect fit and looked as if it could have come out of the factory that way.

In addition to the Rovers we also like to have a few other classics on show and we were please to see some very fine examples including a Jaguar E Type and XJS, an MGA, a Lotus 7 and a Daimler 2.5 V8, over a dozen in total.  The centrepiece of our show this year was the 1899 Panhard Levasor once owned by Charles Rolls of Rolls Royce fame, which normally resides at Gressenhall Rural Life Museum in mid Norfolk.  This is believed to be the oldest running car in Norfolk and is maintained in excellent condition by an enthusiastic group of volunteers at the museum.  However, unlike our Rovers where you can usually buy replacement parts, anything needed for the Panhard to keep it running has to be hand made, which is quite a challenge.

There is always much to see and do at Bressingham with the splendid gardens, garden centre, narrow gauge steam railways, gallopers, etc. and this year we were fortunate in also having the ‘Terrier’ tank taking visitors on the short trip up and down the standard gauge line.  Our event is always popular with Rover owners and every year I am impressed with the distance some people drive to attend our rally.  This year we had a number of cars from as far afield as Essex, Middlesex, Lincolnshire and the West Midlands, and even one from Kent and one from Nottingham.

We had an excellent raffle & tombola and Mark & Angie Gray of MGBD P6 parts again chose the car of the show and presented the trophies.  Tom Norman, a long time supporter of our event, kindly selected best club car for us and as usual the class winners were voted for by those attending.  For something a little different, we introduced a new master class for 2018 with last year’s winners taking part and this seemed to work well.  John Wallet had kindly donated the trophy and was last seen taking it home again as masterclass winner with his 1969 P5b coupe.  Not surprisingly the car of the show this year, and winner of the pre P4 class, was the 1938 P2 20 owned by Graham Teeson, and winner of Roverfest last year.  Best club car was Peter Cane’s 1984 SD1 Vitesse and D Parnell picked up the Jubilee Shield for his P4 110.  The best P4 was P Nairn’s excellent 1954 75 and S Munford was pleased to receive the cup for the best P5 with his 1972 P5b coupe.  Fred gunning took top prize with his 1972 P6 3500S whilst winner of the SD1 class was Simon Mulcahy with his 1986 Vitesse.  The final class winners were Colin Blowers with his ‘modern’ 2004 75 CDTi and Mervin Hardingham with his 1962 Singer Estate.  The full list of winners can be seen below.

Our thanks go to all the sponsors for their support, including Hagerty Insurance, and to all those who brought their cars along for the day to help create such a splendid display.  Thanks are also due to our hard working rally team whose efforts make the whole show a success and of course the Bressingham Trust for making the splendid venue available to us.

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Russell James

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Class Winners
Pre P4 Winner G Teeson 1938  P2 20 P4 Winner P Nairn 1954 75
Pre P4 Second I Fogle 1936 P2 12 P4 Second G Hopkins 1960 100
Pre P4 Third R Chaplin 1948 P3 P4 Third N Randall 1963 95
P5 Winner S Munford 1972 P5b Coupe P6 Winner F Gunning 1972 3500S
P5 Second S Fox 1967 3Lt P6 Second M Ruston 1973 3500S
P5 Third A Markham 1962 P5b Coupe P6 Third R Smith 1968 2000 SC
SD1 Winner S Mulcahy 1986 Vitesse Modern Winner C Blowers 2004 75 CDTi
SD1 Second P Cane 1984 Vitesse Modern Second G Reeves 1996 825 Stirling
SD1 Third R Bisco 1986 Vitesse Modern Third S Barnes 1997 216 Cabriolet
Master class winner J Wallett 1969 P5b Coupe Non Rover Winner M Hardingham 1962 Singer Gazell Estate
Best Club Car P Cane 1984 SD1 Vitesse Non Rover Second D Green 1965 Daimler 250 V8
Car of the show G Teeson 1938 P2 20 Non Rover Third S Mulcahy 1969 Jaguar XJS
John Ringwood memorial trophy D Baston Mini Mayfair Jubilee Shield D Parnell 1964 P4 100

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